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In addtion to many educational video and DVDs on aircraft icing, the Icing Branch also provides free on-line training courses.

Anti-icing image from web-based training course Image from Tailplane Icing video production
Education and Training
To support NASA's goal to improve aviation safety, the Education and Training Element of the Aircraft Icing Project continues to develop education and training aids for pilots and operators on the hazards of atmospheric icing. For a complete list of available training aids for pilots, please visit our training aids page.

Educational Training Samples
Pilot & Operator Education

Goal: To communicate knowledge to pilots and operators about the hazards of in-flight icing, including recovery techniques.

Approach: To develop multiple delivery platforms using media technologies (such as video, lecture, and DVD) to engage the audience.

Engineer Education

Goal: To synthesize and transfer NASA icing knowledge to the engineering and scientific community.

Approach: To develop both text-based and interactive training materials using computer or web learning technologies.

Pilot & Operator Training

Goal: To develop training materials to assist pilots in making better decisions while operating in icing conditions and to develop new training methods to reach a wider pilot and operator audience.

Approach: To utilize the advantages of multimedia and computer based training techniques to increase the effectiveness of icing training materials.

Available training aids for pilots can be viewed on our training aids page. Due to the high demand for these products, NASA no longer fulfills individual orders. Instead, NASA has an arrangement with Sporty's Pilot Shop to distribute these icing training aids at a nominal cost.
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Training Aids List
View a complete list of video, web and computer-based training materials available.
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