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Smaggice is a software toolkit used in the process of aerodynamic performance prediction of iced airfoils with grid-based Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

SmaggIce development team Fabricated ice shape
SmaggIce (Surface Modeling and Grid Generation for Iced Airfoils) is a software toolkit used in the process of aerodynamic performance prediction of iced airfoils with grid-based Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It includes tools for data probing, boundary smoothing, domain decomposition, and structured grid generation and refinement. SmaggIce provides the underlying computations to perform these functions, a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to control and interact with those functions, and graphical displays of results. It is being developed at NASA Glenn Research Center.

Background & Overview
Until 3D ice geometry acquisition and numerical flow simulation become easier and faster for icing effects study on wing performance, 2D CFD analysis will play an important role in complementing flight and tunnel tests, and in providing insights to effects of ice on airfoil aerodynamics. Even 2D CFD analysis, however, can be labor-intensive with currently available general purpose grid generation tools. These existing grid tools require extensive experience and effort on the part of the engineer to generate appropriate grids for moderately complex ice. In addition, these general purpose tools do not provide unique requirements of icing effects study: ice shape characterization, geometry data evaluation and modification, and grid quality control for various ice shapes.

SmaggIce is a 2D software toolkit under development at NASA Glenn. It is designed to streamline the entire 2D icing aerodynamic analysis process from geometry preparation to grid generation to flow simulation, and to provide unique tools that are required for icing effects study.

SmaggIce (Surface Modeling and Grid Generation for ICEd Airfoils) is a 2D software toolkit uniquely designed to support the icing effects study. It consists of tools for (1) geometry modeling and the measurement of ice shape characteristics, (2) flow domain definition, decomposition, and grid generation, and (3) linking to an application flow solver using CGNS (a data exchange standard for CFD). When completed, it will streamline the icing aerodynamic simulation process starting from ice and airfoil data as shown in the figure below. SmaggIce is being developed in phases and will be made available within the United States at the completion of each phase.

SmaggIce icing effects study
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For a complete descriptiion of current and previous SmaggIce versions, please consult our versions page.

How to obtain the software:
Version are available for download through NASA's Software Repository. To request a copy of SmaggIce, visit:

To obtain software at this site, non-registered users should select the "View Software List" selection to view a list of available products. Select the desired SmaggIce package from the list and then complete the user request form that follows. Once the request is approved, users can return to the site and download the software.
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