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The Icing Branch fosters the development of computational and predictive software codes for icing research and certification.

SmaggIce development team Fabricated ice shape
Design and Analysis Tools
The Icing Branch has a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary research effort aimed at development of Design and Analysis Tools that can aid aircraft manufacturers, sub system manufacturers, certification authorities, the military, and other government agencies in assessing the behavior of aircraft systems in an icing environment. These tools consist of computational and experimental simulation methods that are validated, robust, and well documented. In addition, these tools are supported through the creation of extensive databases used for validation, correlation, and similitude.

Current software offerings include LEWICE, LEWICE 3D and SmaggIce.

Design and Analysis Tools Approach

Computational Tools

Goal: To develop validated tools for predicting ice growth, ice protection system behavior, and the effects of ice contamination for design, analysis, and certification.

Approach: To improve current ice accretion and ice protection system prediction methods to allow use of codes for design and certification over a broad range of icing conditions, aircraft geometries, and flow conditions. This approach also ensures that codes are accurate, robust, fast, and easy to use.

Experimental Methods

Goal: To develop experimental methods for simulating the elements of an icing encounter and to develop test techniques for use in icing research and certification.

Approach: Improve current capabilities and develop innovative methods to quantify ice feature characteristics, measure the effects of iced aircraft performance, evaluate ice protection system behavior, and improve knowledge of ice accretion physics.

Experimental Databases

Goal: To develop databases for use in code validation, aircraft response modeling, facilities development, and similitude analysis for aircraft design.

Approach: To create "benchmark" quality public databases, evaluate ice protection sysem behavior, measure the effects of ice on aircraft performance, improve knowledge on natural ice growth, extend current icing scaling capabilities to a broader range of icing conditions, and expand understanding of exceedance conditions.
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