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Aircraft Ice Protection
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The Icing Branch fosters the development of ice protection and detection systems for aircraft.

Twin Otter during MWISP poject Technicians remove ice from an airfoil leading edge in the IRT
About the Icing Branch
The Icing Branch at NASA Glenn Research Center performs research activities related to the development of methods for evaluating and simulating the growth of ice on aircraft surfaces, the effects that ice may have on the behavior of aircraft in flight, and the behavior of ice protection & detection systems. The Branch is part of the Research and Technology Directorate and works closely with the staff of the Icing Research Tunnel and the Twin Otter Icing Research Aircraft.

The mission of the Icing Branch at NASA Glenn Research Center is to develop validated simulation methods, both computational and experimental, suitable for use as both certification and design tools when evaluating aircraft systems for operation in icing conditions. The Icing Branch also fosters the development of ice protection and detection systems through active support of such efforts in the form of technical expertise, experimental facilities, and computational resources.

Aircraft Icing Project Organization

Design & Analysis Tools: A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary research effort aimed at development of tools that can aid aircraft manufacturers, sub system manufacturers, certification authorities, the military, and other government agencies in assessing the behavior of aircraft systems in an icing environment.

Aircraft Ice Protection: This program element focuses on two main areas. The first is the development of remote sensing technologies to meaure nearby icing conditions, improve current forecast capabilities, and develop systems to transfer and display information to flight crews, flight controllers, and dispatchers. Second is the development of systems to monitor and assess aircraft performance, notify the cockpit crew about the state of the aircraft, and/or automatically alter the aircraft controlling systems to prevent stall or loss of control in the icing environment.

Education & Training: This program aims to develop materials that support knowledge about in-flight icing on the basics of icing weather, icing operations, and the impact of ice on the aircraft.

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NASA Glenn Research Center
Icing Branch
MS 11-2
21000 Brookpark Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44135 U.S.A.
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Phone: 216-433-3919
Fax: 216-977-7469
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