Current Remote Sensing Data

Most current data from the instruments of the NASA Glenn Icing Remote Sensing project
Images are updated every 15 minutes

 These displays represent experimental products that are undergoing changes and tests on a regular basis.
Please consult standard information before making any flight decisions.

graphic of current
                Sigma Sounding for NASA GRC

X-band radar reflectivity vs range image - May
                  not be current!!
graphic of NIRSS instrument
Sigma SoundingThis is a non-NASA link display of MP3000AThis is a non-NASA link radiometer
NASA X-band Radar
Fused Icing Remote Sensing Product
graphics of radiometer data 
graphic of Ka-band radar reflectivity graphic
                display of current icing hazard aloft
graphics of radiometer data time history display of Metek radar velocity
                profile data
graphic of laser ceilometer data
Display of Radiometrics TP/WVP-3000 radiometer
METEK MIRA-36 This is a non-NASA link Ka-band radar Vaisala CT-25K This is a non-NASA link Ceilometer
(generated with Vizmet using Thresholding option)
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current sky image from roof of Icing Research

Current data file
* Camera time is local (Eastern)

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---Here are some related NASA technical publications---
A New Narrowbeam, Multifrequency Scanning Radiometer and Its Application to In-Flight Icing Detection (NASA/CR-2010-216357)
Comparison of In-Situ, Model ands Ground Based In-Flight Icing Severity (NASA/TM-2011-217141)
Progress towards the remote sensing of aircraft icing hazards (Proc of SPIE Vol 7088,70880J)
The NASA Icing Remote Sensing System (NASA/TM-2005-213591)
NASA Icing Remote Sensing System Comparisons from AIRS II (NASA/TM-2005-213592)

The background image is a colorized version of a W.A. Bentley snow crystal  photograph

yesterday's ceilometer data
yesterday's MP3005 data
yesterday's radar data
current MP3085 data
current NNMMR data
cuurent NNMMR weather data
current trailer temperature
current radar trailer temperature